Don’t listen to the pyramid schemers. Writing is the best way to earn more money in 2022 — but not for the reasons you think.

Sam Duncan
1 min readJul 15, 2022

If anything killed Medium, it was this:

The profusion of below-average writers, all squawking into this echo-chamber of marketers and self-help fanatics about how to make money writing online.

Most of what they parrot about making money as a writer is false.

Don’t get me wrong — you can make money writing online.

But probably not in the way we’ve been told, or sold…

You can make money from your writing without an email list, without a sales funnel or an online course.

You don’t even really need an audience.

Because the value of writing online is this:

“You gain the ability to think by first learning to write very, very carefully. Then, when you can write effectively, you can do anything you want, and no one can stop you.”

— Jordan B Peterson

Writing will help you think clearly and communicate effectively.

Armed with these two assets, you can dramatically increase your income.

You can clearly plan your next pay rise or promotion, and effectively communicate your desert.

You can, with clarity, identify hidden opportunities — new jobs, new clients, new markets, new products.

And then, pen in hand, you can perfectly pitch your way into profitable positions.

The best way for us to make money through writing is to hone our thoughts, articlute them meaningfully, and then seize the opportunities that open up.