How to Focus: Tips from a World Champion Shooter

“It’s all about the thoughts I think and why I think them. This is what focus is about.”

Focus under fire

Learn the three foes of focus

  • First, our minds are often full of disturbing thoughts, worried about not being good enough.
  • Second, instead of working with what we already know, we are constantly focused on what the future holds.
  • And third, we are frustrated by the feeling of running out of time

“Because it’s in this undemanding present that we are focused. It’s here that we perform and function exactly as well as we are.”

Find the ‘undemanding present’

Focus is everywhere

This was a deliberate choice and the result of persistent mental training. Because this leaf relieved me of distracting thoughts and made me focused.

Three steps to focus: Notice, Be, and Detach

1. Notice

2. Be

3. Detach

Wrap up



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