Three questions to generate content if you’re not an expert in your field

Most early career professionals don’t know where to start

In the early stages of your career, creating content can seem impossible because:

  • You think your experiences aren’t valuable
  • You’re worried you’ll be criticized by your boss or your colleagues

Question 1: What have I achieved or learned about in the last two years?

Hat tip to Dickie Bush for this one.

Question 2: What problems are my clients or colleagues struggling with?

Great content is as much about problems as it is about solutions.

Question 3: What is your unpopular opinion or contrarian view?

Once you have an idea of the problems people face, and the topics you know a thing or two about, you can level up your thinking by sharing a unique perspective.

Your simple content creation system

Even if you’re not an expert and are unsure what to write about, these three simple questions can help you generate hundreds of ideas.



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